Greenhouse Wellness Center

345 East Mount Airy Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19119

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We pride ourselves in being an ADA accessible space. All are welcome here no matter your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

Getting Here

The new office is on the corner of W. Mt Airy Ave and Ardleigh Street.

Our parking lot and entrance are on Ardleigh Street.  (Parking is free!)

The front door is under the awning is where to come in.  If it is locked just buzz at the door and you will be buzzed in.

We look forward to seeing you!

Testimonials from Clients

"Walking into Greenhouse Wellness, you are met with beauty. Plants, artwork, soft muted colors all add to the serenity.  Exhale your troubles and inhale all the nurturing they offer your mind and body. That's what I do - thank you Elizabeth for creating this amazing space."

Robin Muse

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Testimonials from Clients

“I am very glad that I visited this therapy and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for alternative approaches to support their health."

Jessica Robinson


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Testimonials from Clients

“The staff and the therapy process itself are simply wonderful, I will gladly come back here again.”

Brooklyn Simmons